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Muscle Contraction by Talia Castano

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Muscle Contraction

by Talia Castano


The muscle tissue is made up of cells called muscle fibers that are called myofibrils, this is the area of the muscle that contracts.  Myofibrils contract because of the sliding action of two filamentous cytoskeletal proteins; actin and myosin, actin being the thin filament and myosin being the thick.


There are three different kinds of muscles; cardiac, smooth and skeletal.  Cardiac muscles are that of the heart and are involuntary, meaning that you do not have control over whether or not it is used.  Smooth muscle is the along the walls of the internal organs, helps with things such as digestion. The skeletal muscles are those in which you control.


It begins with an electrical signal traveling down a nerve cell that causes a chemical message into the synapse.  It then connects to a protein on the muscle cell membrane which causes an action potential in the muscle cell.



Neuroscience For Kids - action potential

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