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Sulfur-Madeleine Miller

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by: Madeleine Miller




Atomic mass:32.066 amu

Atomic number: 16

Number of Neutrons:16

Number of electrons:16

electrons per shell: 2,8,6

     Each of these elements will have an atomic mass, atomic number, number of neutrons, protons and electrons, and a number of electrons per shell. In the photo, you see a picture of what sulfur looks

like, which is a yellow solid. You also see what you would normally see on an element on the periodic table, the name, atomic number and mass, the atomic number is 16 which means that's 

how many electrons and neutrons there are in the element and the atomic mass is 32.066. The last one was, electrons per shell which are not said in the first picture but the second, 2,8,6. 

     Sulfur is known as a pure element for it's infamous which is related to rotten eggs which are when it combines with water and its called hydrogen sulfide. it can react to all metals except for gold and platinum

and combines with all other elements besides gases. One of the chemical property of sulfur is that it burns, it gives off a pale blue and sulfur dioxide gas. 















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