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Cervix Disorder by Mohamud Abdi

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The cervix  is the lower end of the uterus, it's  where a baby grows during pregnancy. The cervix allows menstrual blood to leave from a woman's body.  The cervix diorder can be different levels from small problem such as infection and inflammation to a serious problems like cancer. Some of the cervix disorders are cervicitis, cervical eversion, and cervical dysplasia.


All of these vervix disorders can be caused by different infections. For example Cervicitis is caused by   inflammatory disease or virginal infection and sexually transmitted diseases.  It's still not known the real causes of vertical eversion, but some conditions are normal. It can satrts early puberty and even some women born with it.  The use of oral contraceptives can increase the risk of having it.  Cervical dysplasia is related to cervical eversion. It is also associated with sexually transmitted diseases. Having several different sexual partners may increase the risk of it.

Symptoms of the disorder include clear. gray, yellow vaginal discharge, and bleeding after inetrcourse or between periods. Also, backache, burning and itching of external genitalia is experienced.


It can be prevented by regular Pab smear check up to detect of any regulation. Checking screen test with a doctor can make easier prevent. Doctors treat it with antibiotic or anti fungal, or antiviral according the Remmedy Health community.










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